Privacy Policy

Please, read carefully this "Privacy Policy" before using KSWEB app and decide if you agree with the information below. This document establishes the rules under which we can receive and process some of your data.

  • KSWEB, during its operation, can send data to our service server. This data serves ONLY for additional control over the purchased content in our application and control the demo period of using our application. The data represents the email names of active google accounts on the device. As well as some data about your device converted into an encrypted string value with the loss of the original information. This information includes the brand of the device, the manufacturer of the device, the type of processor, version of Android and some other. All data is sent to our server ONLY in encrypted form through a secure data channel
  • The information that we receive from you (see item 1 of this "Privacy Policy") is not used for other purposes than those described above and is not transferred to third parties

If you have any questions, please, contact us.

Last update: 22 September 2021