12 thoughts on “KSWEB 3.41

  1. corbin


    Sure my question is going to look awfully stupid, but are you sure :
    – KSWeb is running
    – you went on MySQL thumbnail and you pushed the first button toward the right (something like ‘Start server”) ?

  2. Karsten

    I’ve tried to setup a clean Drupal 8 installation for a later migration of my Drupal 7 data.

    For this I created a separate Database in mysql and started the installation.

    Maybe you take a look yourself. It should be reproduceable.


  3. Colin

    Why is mod_rewrite not enabled by default in your lighttpd.config file? Does your lighttpd have the mod_rewrite module included?

  4. Eduardo Dorantes

    I got the same error that other users had and mentioned before me, it seems that some services are turned off automatically or I don’t know… but when I hide the app (with the home button) I can not use the MySQL features and other else.

    Please fix that as soon as possible, I am really disappointed.

  5. njiew

    saya tidak bisa menggunakan mysqli / PDO …. saya hanya bisa menggunakan mysql saja tapi saya tidak bisa mengakses mysql nya harus tetap menggunakan mysqli atau PDO .
    gimana cara nya agar saya bisa menggunakan mysql saja ??

  6. David

    Hey guys,

    I try to use your app on my shield android TV box to run a webserver on it.

    It works fine as long as I just want to use the Internal Memory for ftp, but I want to share my external HDD with ftp. Read is not a problem, but due to a android restriction writing is not as easy and needs root in most cases.

    I allowed KSWEB to use root and it asked for permisson, but it seems like it is not working with root for the write permisson on external devices.

    Can you fix this? If you do I would love to buy the app.

  7. Cesar Iraheta

    Tenga muy buenas, quiero saber cuales son las diferencias entre la licencia STANDARD e licencia PRO, si compro la licencia PRO, tambien tengo los privilegios de la licencia STANDARD o debo comprar ambas para tener la aplicación completa.

  8. Conor

    Hi, I am interested in installing Own Cloud on my Remix Mini Android PC. KSWEB works like a charm, but OwnCloud complains about not finding a UTF-8 locale. Is there anything that can be done to fix this?


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