3 thoughts on “KSWEB 3.33

  1. Lera

    I’m trying to get KSWeb working to run a local website off my tablet. I imported my database through PHPMyAdmin and put all my files on the SD card. But when I try to load the web page in Firefox, it won’t connect to my database, with the error “Name or service not known in /storage/emulated/legacy/htdocs/myfile.php.

    In my PHP file, I have newPDO(‘mysql:host=localhost:3306;dbname=mydatabase, ‘root’); If I change it to just localhost, I get an error of “connection refused”.

    How do I get it set up so my PHP script will connect to my database?

  2. Bill

    Hi –

    I recently bought and installed KSWeb. I put a website on my phone and KSWeb normally serves it well.

    My problem is that if the phone wifi is off, it seems to interrupt service on the loopback device.

    Strangely, it serves the main page of the website, but no further pages.

    Any ideas would be welcome.

    (I would like to use the website in the backcountry where no wifi exists).

    My congratulations: KSWeb is an impressive piece of software.




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