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KSWEB 3.10

Version 3.10

  • created PRO version of KSWEB with nginx v1.5.10 support
  • Web Interface 1.1
  • added new version of OpenSSL v1.0.1g for PHP, lighttpd and nginx
  • added PHP extension: calendar
  • fixed some bugs in the code

New Version of KSWEB 3.04

Version 3.04

  • added function to change MySQL database directory
  • fixed errors in licensing system
  • new version of lighttpd server (1.4.32 => 1.4.34)
  • fixed server configuration for correct video buffering
  • new version of PHP (5.4.17 => 5.4.24)
  • fixed some bugs in the code

KSWEB 3.0 beta 2

Hello everyone!

Finally we publish the first variant of the new version of KSWEB – 3.0 beta 2.
This is not a “release” version, but it uncludes all features of version 3.0.

Since this version is not published on Google Play you can not buy it via build-in Google Play functions of KSWEB. You had better luck if you own a license serial key of KSWEB. In this case you can register this version and can use it as long as you need.
However, we try not to offend anyone and we reset the trial period for this version. This means that any person who is downloading it will get a five new days of the trial period even if he ended it in previous versions.

Note that this version is intended for testing and detection of possible errors! Therefore, please, write to us about all bugs which you will observe in the process of interaction with KSWEB.

Thank you!

You can download it from our site: KSWEB v3.0

Приветствуем всех!

Наконец-то мы публикуем первый вариант новой версии KSWEB – 3.0 beta 2.
Это не релиз, но версия включает все заявленные функции в 3.0.

Так как эта версия не опубликована в Google Play, то Вы не можете купить лицензию через встроенные функции Google-Play-покупки в KSWEB. Вам повезло больше, если Вы обладаете лицензионным серийным ключом. В этом случае Вы можете зарегистрировать приложение и пользоваться им так долго, как необходимо. Однако, дабы никого не обидеть, мы сбрасываем период триала для этой версии. Это значит, что любой скачавший ее человек, получит 5 дней триального периода, даже если он израсходовал их ранее в предыдущих версиях KSWEB.

Обратите внимание, что эта версия предназначена для тестирования и выявления возможных ошибок! Поэтому, пожалуйста, пишите о всех найденных багах в процессе работы с KSWEB.


Вы можете скачать ее с нашего сайта: KSWEB v3.0 beta 2

New Version of KSWEB 3.0

We announce with a pleasure that we are published a new version of KSWEB – 3.0.

You can download it from our site: download KSWEB v3.02

Here some new features of the new version:

Version 3.0
+ redesigned user’s interface
+ added manager of hosts and virtual hosts
+ added FTP server with user manager
+ new version of lighttpd server (1.4.31 => 1.4.32)
+ new version of PHP (5.4.13 => 5.4.17)
+ added version of MySQL with InnoDB support
+ new version of msmtp (1.4.30 => 1.4.31)
+ added phpFileManager tool
+ added function to export MySQL backups to Dropbox
+ added function to export backups of sites to Dropbox
+ added function to update external IP in No-IP service
+ added possibility to place MySQL databases on sdcard
+ redisigned code of KSWEB

Screenshots of the app:

New 2.8 and 2.81 versions of KSWEB

Version 2.81

  • fixed critical error in the code

Version 2.8

  • new version of PHP (5.4.11 => 5.4.13)
  • fixed some bugs in app components control
  • added KSWEB Web Interface which allows you to control KSWEB and all its components, to get general statistic of your device and etc. via browser
    Web Inerface address: http://localhost:9000/
    Default login information:
    login: admin
    password: admin
  • now KSWEB may collect GPS statistic in the form of a log file
  • now to access to phpMyadmin you can use an individual address: http://localhost:10000/
  • added PHP extension: exif
  • added the possibility of “ON” and “OFF” of the server with PHP and MySQL

New 2.73 version of KSWEB

Version 2.73

  • fixed DNS problems. All functions related with gethostbyname(), getaddrinfo() and etc. are working correct now
  • added function to edit all config files directly in KSWEB
  • added root access support. Now you can start the server on port 80
  • fixed error in Wi-Fi IP detection
  • fixed some bugs in the code

New 2.72 version of KSWEB

Version 2.72

  • new version of PHP (5.4.9 => 5.4.11)
  • added PHP extension: OpenSSL (1.0.1c)
  • added server OpenSSL suport (1.0.1c)
  • added sendmail support based on msmtp
  • added possibility to edit sendmail config directly from KSWEB shell
  • fixed exec(), system(), passthru() and etc. PHP functions
  • fixed bug with using external ini files
  • fixed some bugs in the code

New 2.71 version of KSWEB

Version 2.71

  • improved stability of the server
  • fixed the problem with “Restarting MySQL…” and “Restarting PHP…”
  • added “MySQL Monitor” which allows you to execute SQL commands to MySQL server directly
  • fixed some bugs in the code