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Solving problem “Opening error log: No such file or directory”


Such problem may appear in KSWEB 3.63.
It is related with the fact that path to log files includes not your true path to sdcard on your device.

Go to KSWEB settings and click to the first setting “Path to external storage”. Select one item from the storage paths list. Restart KSWEB.

Also you can fix the problem in other way manually:

For example for lighttpd: edit lighttpd configuration (Lighttpd tab -> Configuration Edit):

server.errorlog = “/path_to_your_sdcard/ksweb/log/lighttpd/lighttpd.log”.


KSWEB 3.63

Version 3.63

  • added possibility to specify path to external memory which will be used by default
  • added possibility to create https host
  • general improvements
  • fixed some bugs

KSWEB and ownCloud


If you want to use ownCloud server on your Android device’s KSWEB you should do following steps:

1) download ownCloud archive and unpack it for example to /mnt/sdcard/htdocs/ownCloud
2) edit file “owncloud/lib/private/util.php”:

public static function isSetLocaleWorking() {

if (” === basename(‘..’)) {
return true; // false -> true


3) open browser with the address: http://SERVER_IP:8080/ownCloud
4) Enjoy! (-:

MySQL – InnoDB: Error: pthread_create returned 11

Dear user!

If you encounter a problem of mysql crash with error: “InnoDB: Error: pthread_create returned 11”, we suggest one of possible variant of solving the problem.
Add these lines to MySQL configuration file:


These options disables innodb engine and enables myisam engine by default.